Hands-on Art Making

Art Studio and Glow Cave Hands-on Art Making Activities are included with Kidseum Admission

December 5

Art Studio

Polar Bear Landscapes

Children will use several techniques in order to achieve different textures in a polar bear landscape. They will experiment using salt, rubbing alcohol and plastic with water colors to create a beautiful landscape for their polar bears to live in. They will practice their fine motor skills by using scissors to cut out their polar bears. Parents may need to assist younger children with the cutting process.

Dinosaur Bones

When dinosaur bones are discovered in an archaeological dig they look similar to rocks because they have been fossilized. They are more porous than other animal bones and are much larger. They come in all shapes and sizes. Children will have the opportunity to form their own bones from a special clay they mix themselves. The clay is created by mixing sand, flour and vegetable oil which creates a pliable dough that the children can then form into bones that will then dry

Glow Cave

Winter Wonderland Neon Paintings

Create a winter wonderland with neon paint in the Glow Cave that glows in the room due to the black lights. Children use their imagination to paint the provided Winter Wonderland print out, creating a one of a kind artwork. Painting reinforces hand-eye coordination which will help coordinate larger visual-muscular movements later in life, including swinging a bat at a baseball, using a computer mouse and driving a vehicle.

Paper Snowflakes

Learn how to create your own snowflake by folding and cutting paper. The snowflakes will appear to be glowing when in the Glow Cave. After cutting the snowflake children can decorate it with glitter. Hang your snowflake at home for a fun glittery winter decoration. You can continue the fun at home by cutting more snowflakes with your children.

Event details

December 5, 2015 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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