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Opening December 7

Kidseum is currently closed until December 7 preparing for our next exhibition that will focus on exploration, archaeology and art.

Highlights of the exhibition will included the Green Screen Time Machine, Glow Cave, Archaeology Lab, Story Room and more!

With the Green Screen Time Machine children travel on a historic Wells Fargo Wagon through time to fly over ancient ruins, such as the Great Wall of China and the Egyptian Pyramids using green screen effects.

The Glow Cave is a darkened former bank vault with a glow in the dark ceiling replicating the famous prehistoric drawing of the caves of France. Visistore will be treated to a great variety of activities including facepainting and art projects that all glow in the dark.

The Archaeology lab invites visitors to explore the process of an archaeologist inside an ancient Egyptian Royal Tomb. Junior archaeologist can view artifacts under a microscope and translate their names in hieroglyphics.

Upcoming Events

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