Welcome to Bowers Museum Education!


Come learners of all ages to share the wonders we have here at the Bowers Museum.  There is so much to see, with seven permanent galleries, special exhibits, and 150,000 visitors per year who carry their experiences back to our community.  You may bring only your curiosity, for the aim of the Bowers Museum is not only to exhibit, but explore.  Move through these doors, and you will gaze through a dazzling window of countless cultures and art which will astound.  Learning is for everyone at the Bowers Museum— the heart of Orange County and soul of the world.




If you think that preschool kids are too young for a museum, think again! Learn about our special school programs, tours and art projects for PreK-2nd grade students at Kidseum, a museum just for kids. Plan your Kidseum field trip!
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Come out of the classroom inquisitive young students, and discover your local museum! Learn about our special school programs, tours and art projects for grades 3-12. Plan and book your Bowers field trip!
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There is so much here for local teachers! You may access curriculum guides directly from this site (Common Core friendly) which connect gallery content to the classroom. Discover upcoming education events, professional development, and the wealth of museum resources for educators! 
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Discover the many programs, lectures, performances and gallery tours that align with undergraduate and graduate courses across a variety of disciplines. Visit the museum with your college class and make use of the many academic resources within our collections.  
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Adult & Senior Learners

Lifelong learners, you must come to the Bowers! Discover the variety of workshops, programs, lectures, performances and gallery tours geared to adult and senior learners and interests. Here is all you need to make your extraordinary day at the Bowers Museum happen!
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Community & Youth Programs

From our free afterschool program for local children, to Family Festivals, and adventures for Scout troops, discover all that Bowers has to offer to the community, families, and guests of all ages!
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Plan Your Visit

At the link below, you will find all the information you need to plan your visit to Bowers Museum, including pricing, scholarships for Title I schools, directions, parking, and even museum etiquette.
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