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Kidseum offers and absolutely free After School Learning Center for Santa Ana children grades 3rd-8th (younger sisters and brothers, K-2nd, can register with an older sibling in 3rd grade and above).

This is no ordinary afternoon program. We use cool stuff for this program like permanent exhibits on world art and culture, priceless treasures from many civilizations, traveling exhibits, and hands-on art activities, to get your creativity on! And (for adults and teachers reading this) curriculum and lesson plans that match up with your school district's Common Core standards.


What do local students get out of this amazing program? Fun, of course, but much, much more! As a student, you want to succeed, and Bowers will help you get there. Teachers at your schools share ideas with our program staff to create learning plans just for you. If you are good at something, we can help you make it even better. And if you need help with something difficult or challenging, the people at Bowers are there for you, too. We give homework help and free tutoring. The staff at the Bowers will talk to your family at pick-up time to see what you are up to, Also, at Bowers you will give two family recitals each year to show off your unique talents to your whole family. Your parents or guardians can learn some great things, too. There are parent educational events which talk about topics such as reading and writing skills for adults, and field trips to nearby universities to encourage children to attend college.

At our program we have weekly grade-specific reading groups, creative writing projects, and storytelling to improve language and reading skills, and public speaking. Every week, tour guides will show students one of our many galleries to discover even more about this wide and wonderful world. This program will help you to learn more in other subjects like language arts (English), social science (History), math, and science. Our programs will let you make an art project, where you can use and include creative writing, paintings, sculptures, dioramas, and stop motion animation, among other ways to move your imagination. 


For parents, guardians, and teachers, there are even more reasons to come! Information from the 2013-2014 school year shows that the program has a big impact on the lives of the local children and their families:

  • 100% of students improved their math skills
  • 91% improved their English/language arts skills
  • 90% improved their social studies skills
  • 85% improved their science skills
  • 100% of parents report improved behavior at home
  • 99% of parents report improved self-esteem and confidence in their children
  • 90% of parents believe their children have benefited from the program because they learn about a variety of cultures through art programs and museum exhibits.

We currently have openings! For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 714.480.1520. Applications available below or at Kidseum on site. Students will not be permitted to begin the program until the application is complete.

After-School Application

Application (English)

Application (Spanish)