President's Message

President Welcome

DSC 0480It seems as though I can never stop talking about the exciting special exhibits programs here at the Bowers, and this note will be no exception. This year, our members will get preview invitations to no less than five Special Exhibitions focusing on a very diverse audience including the iconic architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, noted photographer Edward Weston, legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton, the notorious Empress Dowager, and JFK. I think you’ll agree that it is an amazing year. Having said that, I’d like to point out that the Bowers’ permanent collection is something that we are very proud of, and any visit to the museum should include time to make new friends, or perhaps renew acquaintances with these six exhibits as well. These collections are the backbone of the Bowers as well as the majority of our educational programs, especially with our school tour audiences. Next time you come to the Bowers to experience one of our many special exhibitions, don’t miss out on visiting our recently reinstalled "Gemstone Carvings: The Masterworks of Harold Van Pelt", our Pacific Islands exhibit “Spirits and Headhunters”, “Ancient Arts of China: A 5000 Year Legacy”, “Missions and Ranchos”, “First Californians”, and “California Bounty” which highlights much of the best of our rich California painting collection. Of course, each of these very diverse collections becomes the focus of our many and varied educational programs, all of which are either free or at a discount to our members. I’m often told that one of the great benefits of a visit to the Bowers is that we are very approachable and not overwhelming in our offerings. I hope you agree.

Another benefit of membership, especially at the Fellows level is the opportunity to experience unique travel. I’m pleased to report that the Fellows just returned from an amazing experience in Namibia, and I think that everyone who went would agree that it was one of those “trips of a lifetime”. You’ll have a chance to get a glimpse of what they experienced in this issue of Passport. Don’t forget, “You belong at the Bowers”.
Peter C. Keller, Ph.D