President's Message

President Welcome

PeterPortrait201605It was quite a summer at the Bowers with the rush of the final days of Mummies of the World, our Fellows Safari to Tanzania, and solidifying plans for our upcoming exhibits. In true Bowers’ form, these plans included the Virgin Guadalupe from Mexico, followed closely by Frida Kahlo, the Empress Dowager from the Summer Palace, Beijing, and Italian Armor from the Stibert Museum in Florence, Italy, not to mention the Terra Cotta Warriors. Keep in mind that members have an array of important benefits to each of our exhibits and the many related programs. I’m also pleased to announce that you will shortly be receiving your new, upgraded membership cards that have been significantly upgraded from our current ones.

This year marks the Museum’s 80th Anniversary and coincidentally, my 25th Anniversary at the Bowers. As they say, time goes fast when you’re having fun. I must say that I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years, especially in our physical growth of the museum itself, but also the more than 60 exhibits what we’ve brought in. We’ve been recognized over the years by such publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, and even the China Daily. We’ve brought nine major exhibits from China and almost always arranged for them to be exhibited around the United States. We have also been pioneers in sending four of our own exhibits to China. I have served under many Board Chairs; each with their own way of doing business and I’ve enjoyed working with literally all of them. However, our current Chairwoman of the Board, Anne Shih, stands out in her ceaseless energy to improve the museum and our stature around the world. She is something very special to all of us. We are currently sending out invitations for a very elegant candlelight dinner to be held on November 5, 2016. I hope that you will consider attending.
Peter C. Keller, Ph.D