About Kidseum



Come children (and your grown-ups) to a magical space where you may travel the globe without going too far. At Orange County’s Kidseum, the world’s culture and art can come to you! The best thing about Kidseum—it is especially for young kids!

Art and culture are beautiful things, especially if you can get your hands on it and experience it up close. For younger guests, this is might be the very first time in a museum. Kidseum means a museum for kids— pre-school kids, early elementary school kids, and visiting grown-ups who are kids at heart.

Have you been on a stage coach that hurtles through time? On our Green Screen Time Machine, you can do just that—traveling across the distant past in the blink of an eye.

Do you like creating art? What about art that glows? Wander in our Glow Cave where your amazing creations will shine in the dark.

Have you ever dug up ancient objects buried in the mists of time? Come to our new archeology lab and use our cool tools to delve into past. You too can be an archeologist for a day! Did we mention the archeology room rests in an Egyptian tomb?

The reason for Kidseum is “Igniting imagination through exploration.” You can see, hear and touch fascinating things from faraway lands. All that is required is curiosity. At Kidseum, young children, friends and family learn, create and discover together.

The Bower’s Kidseum was founded in 1994 and is now the only cultural-based children’s center in Orange County. Over 35,000 local children are involved in Kidseum programs, including public programs, exhibits, family festivals, museum tours, school outreach programs, curriculum, cultural art trunks, storytelling, and artifacts that, while new to visitors, can also be very, very old. Come discover the art and cultures of this wide world!


Founded in 1994, Bowers Kidseum, both an interactive children's museum and learning center, serves as an extension of the main Bowers Museum, offering multi-faceted art and cultural experiences for young children, their families and the community. Primarily dedicated to the pre-school and early elementary age, Kidseum's central focus is providing a 'hands-on' experience in keeping with the museum's mission to "enrich lives through the world's finest arts and cultures."

Mission: Igniting Imagination through the Exploration of Art and Archaeology.

Focus: Kidseum focuses on engaging children in an academically rich and developmentally appropriate environment where they can experience history, art, and culture. As the only cultural art-based children's center in Orange County, Kidseum is on the forefront of children's art education. While focusing on the beauty and meaning behind art and traditions, the center provides children with avenues for creativity, communication, and learning. Each year, KIDSEUM engages over 35,000 Orange County children through a variety of programs, including exhibits, family festivals, museum tours, art classes, school outreach programs, cultural art trunks, creative projects, storytelling, curriculum materials and artifacts.