Upcoming Exhibitions


Upcoming Exhibitions

The Bowers Museum has earned an international reputation for presenting exhibitions of the highest caliber. For its reopening in 1992, the Museum presented Tribute to the Gods; Treasures of the Museo del Oro, Bogota, and Porcelains from the Chang Foundation, Taipei. Since that time, the Bowers' special exhibition program has presented more than 60 exhibitions from around the world.

Who were they? Where did they come from?

In 1929 a farmer living about 40 km northeast of Sichuan Province's capital city, Chengdu, accidentally uncovered a cache of 300 to 400 jade pieces. The place was Sanxingdui, a small village that would eventually lend its name to a culture that even today is one of China's greatest ancient mysteries.

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Celebrated as one of the greatest directors from the Golden Age of animation, Chuck Jones drew for a living, and he drew for pleasure and challenge. His passion for drawing was both work and full time hobby, providing an outlet for imagination.

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