Bowers Fellows


Fellows play a vital role in the life and work of the Museum. The Fellows Program offers a world of opportunities to satisfy your curiosity and fulfill your passion for the rare and exciting. Bowers Fellows are presented with exclusive travel opportunities including an international trip and a domestic trip each year. The Bowers Museum offers everyone a chance to experience international arts and culture without leaving Southern California. However, if you are the exploring type - always in search of something more - consider becoming a part of the Bowers Fellows.

To join or renew today, go to, call 714.567.3635 or sign up with Visitor Services on your next trip to the Bowers! Anyone can join the Fellows and support the Bowers for just $1,200 for a full year ($1,130 is tax-deductible). The tax deductible portion of your contribution will further support the Bowers' mission to "enrich lives through the world's finest arts and cultures."


Exclusive Upcoming Fellows Travel

The Omo Valley and Lalibela, Ethiopia | April 25 - May 10, 2015

For some time, the several of our more traveled members have suggested that we plan a trip to the Omo Area of southern Ethiopia.  So here it is!  This is the most exciting itinerary that Bowers Fellows have had in a long time and it takes us to places that tour companies normally don’t go. It includes flying back to Addis, rather than taking jeeps over bad roads for a couple of days.  We have contacted some key people in the Omo area that actually just hosted George W. Bush on the same itinerary. We have also added a Rwanda Gorilla trek as an optional extension, since we are in the area. I must stress that this is a rigorous trip and one that isn’t for everyone.  However, if you are into adventure and want something very unique, this trip will be as good as you’ll find.  We are limited on this trip to twelve people, so we will take signups from Bowers Fellows only on a first come first served basis. View the complete itinerary