Amorites, Their Legacy, and the Bible with Aaron A. Burke | Lecture & Book Signing


In a continuation of Bowers’ Archaeology of the Biblical Lands Distinguished Lecture Series, Aaron A. Burke, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and the Norma Kershaw Chair of Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Studies at UCLA, explores the evolution of Amorite identity in the Near East from ca. 2500–1500 BC.

The Amorites, an ancient Near Eastern group, are infamous for their appearance in the Bible, where they are remembered among Canaan’s diverse inhabitants at the time of its conquest by Israel. Yet, this collective identity is better known for its famous rulers during the first half of the second millennium BCE. During this period called the Middle Bronze Age, Amorite rulers like Hammurabi of Babylon reigned across the Near East, from Bahrain to the Egyptian Delta.

Competition, emulation, and their pursuit of legitimation inspired their patronage of long-distance trade, temple construction and religious orders, the arts, warfare and fortification building, and standardizations of law. The extensive nature of the efforts have led some to even refer to this as “the age of Amorites.” This lecture explores the emergence of this Amorite legacy, how it spread, and why it was commemorated so widely in later Near Eastern history.

Dr. Burke’s book, The Amorites and the Bronze Age Near East: The Making of a Regional Identity will be available for purchase and a book signing will follow the lecture.

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This event is part of a new distinguished lectures series, Archaeology of the Biblical Lands, which is made possible through a generous bequest by Norma Kershaw (1924-2020).


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