You Make a Difference

Your support makes the Bowers Museum stronger. In addition to our rigorous collection and exhibition schedule, your donation allows the Bowers Museum to:
• Provide free groceries to low-income families from our After School Program
• Provide free art kits for low-income seniors and children
• Provide free virtual tours to children from Title 1 Schools
• Expand our virtual programs globally, which we hope will inspire continued learning at home and around the world

In 2020 Bowers Museum partnered with Mariners Church and Patina Care to provide over 23 thousand free meals to meals for front line medical and emergency services workers, low-income children, families, and seniors, and the homeless.

We pledge to honor your generosity with new innovative offerings throughout 2021. Please join in securing a brighter future by donating today.

Thank you to those who have supported our 2020 end of year appeal

$100 +
Alison Moore Cotter
Alma Adilagic-Torlic
Ann Wu
April Hoskins
Arnold and Mabel Beckman
Barbara Baird
Barbara Soriano
Bruce and Mary Stambaugh
Canterbury Consulting Incorporated
Carl Becker
Carla Fuchs
Carol Coppage
Carole Katz
Catherine Choma
Charles and Candy McBrayer
Cynthia O'Donohue
Dale Andrews
Dale Hudson
Darci Bodin
Darrel Vorderstrasse
David and Karen Bustamante
David and Ruth Gruchow
Deborah Brittenham
Deborah Kirschbaum

Deborah Komatsu
Denise Chilcote
Dennis J. Aigner
Dixie Eppink
Dolores L. Schiffert
Donna Ray
Dr. Craig B. and Nancy Smith
Edith and Thomas Van Huss
Ellen Breitman
Emily Goesel
Gary Bryan
Gay McDonald
Gayle Douglas
Gene A. Lucero
George Myers
Harriette Watson
Henry Sobel
Hilda Roberts
Hisae Dickey
Jack and Molly Spiegel Memorial Fund
Jane Murata
Janet Peyton
Jasvant Modi
Jeanette Kelly
Jeanne and David H. Smith 
Jeanne Teeter
Karen Bruno
Karen Gray
Kathie Kelley
Kathleen A. Barrutia

Kathryn Hansen
Kay Davis
Laurel Shupp
Linda Maxwell-Jordan
LInda Stern
Lois and John P. Wareham
Lucina Moses
Marge Bekkedahl
Marilee Nielsen
Marjie and Gary Toops
Mary Broude
Michael R. Zomber
Mornette McShane
Nancy Kingston
Naomi Uchiyama
P. Sefton
Pamela and T.W. Summerfield
Pamela Spindola
Patricia A. Leftwich
Patricia Schuler
Patrick McDonough
Paula Meichtry
Renee and Adrienne Brown
Richard and Margaret Bersch
Richard and Susan Dolnick
Richard Koo

Rita Slayton
Robert and Barbara Wald
Robert Scholle
Robert and Richard Mathies
Robin and Michael Lingle
Roni Fell
Russell Robinett
Ruth and David Seigle
Sandy DeAngelis
Sara Nussbaum
Sharon Adams
Sheila Schlee
Shirley Quan
Sonie Czupryk
Sophia Grace Foundation
Steve and Nancy Backer
Sylvia McWilliams
Talma Zelitzki
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Thuy Nguyen
Tracy Davis
Wayne and Dona Leicht
Weiping Shen
Wendy Juleff
William Cornyn
William Hansen
Yanan Nancy Xu

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The CARES Act offers you a new tax benefit in return for your generosity. Donors can now use a universal tax deduction of up to $300 on their 2020 tax return if they take the standard deduction. Please consult your tax advisor regarding new 2020 tax deduction opportunities.

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