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The Bowers is thrilled to expand its connection to our community with the launch of BOWERS AT HOME.


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Bowers Museum Day of the Dead Virtual Family Festival

Enjoy live stream of performances, art projects and a food experience. Remember loved ones with a celebration of their lives by enjoying their favorite music, food and mementos of their time with us. We’ll show you how to create an ofrenda (memorial altar) for a beloved family member, friend, or cherished pet and how to decorate a sugar skull to place on the ofrenda or give as a gift.

Bowers Museum September Virtual Family Festival

Join us to celebrate the traditional Asian festival of the Autumn Moon with music and dance performances, art projects and a food recipe that will delight the entire family.

Miao: Masters of Silver Sneak Peek

Now on view at the Bowers, Miao: Masters of Silver is an incredible collection of over 250 textiles and silverwork made by the Miao culture of southeastern China, including headdresses, breastplates, earrings, necklaces, and more. Free with General Admission. Tickets at

Miao Masters of Silver Trailer

The Bowers Museum is reopening its doors to the public this Saturday, September 12 with a brand-new installation in our East West Bank Gallery: Miao Masters of Silver. Due in large part to the generous support of Anne Shih, the Bowers owns perhaps the finest U.S. collection of textiles and silverwork made by the Miao culture of southeastern China. Take a quick look inside at the more than 250 headdresses, combs, earrings, necklaces, breastplates, bracelets and more on display!

Bowers Museum August Virtual Family Festival


Kidseum Virtual Art Instruction: Hair Pin Adornments

Kidseum at Home Art Project, 7-10 years old, Beginner. Download the lesson plan and more project ideas inspired by Bowers’ exhibit “Miao: Masters of Silver” at

Bowers Museum July Virtual Family Festival

The Bower Museum Virtual Family Festival, featuring festival performances, art projects, and delicious food recipes.

Trailer: The Roots of American Music Virtual Festival

Tune-in to Facebook Live with the Bowers Museum on Sunday, July 26 at 11 AM for The Roots of American Music Virtual Festival. Details at and on facebook @bowersmuseum.
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Digital Exhibition


Access Digital Exhibition Now

Muscles, ninjas and cyborgs; what do these three things have in common? All are depicted on the flour sack canvases of the Bowers’ first digital exhibition, Reel Art: Movie Posters from Ghana.

This premier digital show revisits one of the most beloved Bowers permanent collection exhibitions, bringing together a group of rugged, campy and visually astonishing posters. These colorful advertisements were originally created to promote movies made available for rent throughout Ghana by an industrious group of traveling entrepreneurs. Familiar celebrity faces and fantastical interpretations of B- and C-list movies from the 1980s and ‘90s make for a wonderful viewing experience. Microwave some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy Reel Art from the comfort of your home.



Additional Resources for Reel Art:

Download Lesson Plans in English | Preview

Listen to Music Playlist

Buy Exhibit Books

Watch Virtual Project Lesson, linked below!


Digital Guide

Inside The Walt Disney Archives

5f3ce333 47c4 4566 8c01 e6d0d01f843b*Available by mobile device only.*

Use your mobile device to visit and see exhibit highlights alongside fun facts and staff favorites. 

Don't forget to visit our Storytelling Portal to read and share your favorite Disney memories! Now available on desktop!   

Read LA TIMES article highlighting this guide

Bowers Blog


Bowers Podcast

Hear directly from experts in the fields of archaeology and more. This treasure trove of past lectures is being updated weekly for your listening pleasure!

IMG 8856Music Playlists

Tune-in and zone-out to the sounds of the Bowers Playlists. Inspired by our current exhibitions, new art projects, and the passing holidays - the Bowers will link new playlists below every week during our closure.

Click the links below to listen to:

5f3ce333 47c4 4566 8c01 e6d0d01f843bAudio Tour

Listen up everyone: this tour is for your ears only!

Visit to listen in on a virtual tour of the Bowers Museum, available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Listen Now



This October Bowers is proud to celebrate Disability History / Awareness Month with our community partner VSA Orange County! Click here to view "Arts on The Move," a showcase featuring works by artists with disabilities, as well as download educational arts activities and learn more about people with disabilities.




Introductions to the Indigenous People of Mexico

Download the Lessons | Preview


Exploring Highlights of Bowers' Indonesian Collection

Download the Lessons | Preview

Listen to Music Playlist


Introductions to Miao Silver and Textiles Inspired By The Gallery Miao: Masters of Silver

Download the Lessons | Preview

Listen to Music Playlist


Exploring History Through Bowers Margaret and Cleo Key Courtyard

Download the Lessons | Preview

Listen to Music Playlist


Introduction to Recycled Materials and Multimedia Inspired by Earth Day

Download Lesson Plans in English | Preview

Download in Spanish | Preview



Member Exclusives From Home

As extension of our new online portal "Bowers at Home" and its virtual offerings, Bowers Members have received exclusive access to premiere content, from live broadcasts and Q&A in our member-exclusive speaker series, "Friends of the Bowers," to videos of past lectures in our new "Best of the Bowers" video lecture archive, staff interviews and more. Click here for details.

Enjoy archives of this series on the Bowers YouTube Channel, under the Friends of the Bowers Playlist!


New! Virtual Family Festivals

Our festivals may be virtual, but the fun is real!

Next Up:

Mexican Day of the Dead Festival on Sunday, October 25. Watch live on Bowers' Facebook Page.

Download Festival Art Projects & Recipe | Preview and tag us on your artwork and food creations. @bowersmuseum #bowersathome #bowersfestival

Download Flyer Now

October's Virtual Family Festival Includes:

Art Project: Day of the Dead Skeleton Puppet and Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Food recipe: Gorditas

Live performances:

  • Joel Aceves, guitarist
  • Victor Lopez, face painting artist
  • Rythmo Mariachi Kids
  • Xipe Totec Danza Azteca
  • Martin Espino, Music of Meso-America

NEW! Checkout Bowers' Virtual Ofrenda at and submit your contribution by sharing a photo on social media with #bowersofrenda.


Watch the archive of our September virtual festival, now available on the Bowers Museum's Facebook page. The Autumn Moon Festival was held on Sunday, September 27.

Download Festival Flyer

Download Art Projects Now | Preview and tag us on your artwork and food creations. @bowersmuseum #bowersathome #bowersfestival

September's Virtual Family Festival Includes:

  • Mr. Zhong, Changing Faces and Tea Pot Juggling
  • Sophia Chan, Explains Chinese Opera Tradition
  • JC Culture, Lion Dance, Traditional Dance and Kung Fu
  • Viet Cam, Traditional Vietnamese Dance

Art Projects: Spiral Lanterns

Food recipe: Almond Cookies


Watch the archive of our August virtual festivalnow available on the Bowers Museum's Facebook page. The International Drumming Festival  was held August 30.

Download Festival Flyer Now | Preview

Download Art Projects Now | Preview and tag us on your artwork and food creations. @bowersmuseum #bowersathome #bowersfestival

August's Virtual Family Festival Includes:

  • Robin Sakhadia plays the Indian Tabla drums
  • Redboy Productions with Ba'ac & Jorge on drums as Nanabah dances the sacred Hoop Dance.
  • Makoto Taiko with Hunter Loyd and Kristen Hayashi
  • Willy Souley with Dafra West African Drums and Dance

Art Projects: Chinese rattle drum and Coffee can drum

Food recipe: Navajo Indian Fry Bread


Watch the archive of our July virtual festival, now available on the Bowers Museum's Facebook page. The Roots of American Music Festival was held July 26.

Download Art Projects Now | Preview and tag us on your artwork and food creations @bowersmuseum #bowersathome #bowersfestival

July's Virtual Family Festival Includes:

  • Bolillo y su Conjunto performing Chicano and East Los soul, Tejano and Tex Mex
  • Third Degree Blues Band performing Rock and Roll
  • Party of Three + John Bowman on sax performing Blues

Art Projects: Instruments including African Thumb piano, Mbira, and Membranophone

Food Recipe: Soul Food Peach Cobbler

Download Festival Flyer | Preview



Watch the archive of our June virtual festival, now available on the Bowers Museum's Facebook page.

Download June Virtual Festival Art Projects | Preview and tag us on your artwork and food creations @bowersmuseum #bowersathome #bowersfestival

June's Virtual Family Festival includes:

  • Bon Family and California All-Star Cloggers
  • Shan the Candyman
  • Franklin Haynes Marionettes

Art Projects: Pinocchio marionette and Fingerprint doodles

Food Recipe: Candy Apples


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first FREE virtual family festival by Bowers at Home on May 24! With more than 2.7 thousand views from around the globe, this was a community celebration we can all be proud of.

Watch the archive of our virtual festival, now available on the Bowers Museum's Facebook page.
Download festival project pdfs and tag us on your artwork and food creations @bowersmuseum #bowersathome #bowersfestival

May's Virtual Family Festival "Celebrating Mexican Heritage" includes:

  • Martin Espino and his collection of indigenous wind and percussion instruments of ancient Mexico
  • Joel Aceves classical guitarist plays the romantic music of Mexico
  • Ballet Folklorico Raíces de Mexico performs traditional dances from the Mexican states of Guerrero and Oaxaca
  • Dr. Gloria Arjona sings “La Llorona,” a song of loss and longing based on a folk tale with many interpretations

Art Projects: Huichol Indian God’s Eyes and Paper Flower head piece

Food experience: Homemade flour tortillas!


Art Projects

Week 11

Clay Animalitos

Week 10

Styrofoam Prints

Week 9

Leaf Mandalas

Week 7

Illuminated Letters

Week 6

Collage Art

Week 5

Abstract Self-Portraits

Week 4

Rock Painting

Week 3


Week 2

Foil Repousse

Week 1

Flower Pounding


Serving our Community

In light of the recent health crisis, Bowers Museum has partnered with Mariners Church to cook, prep, and deliver meals to local hospitals for healthcare workers. Recently added to this program's recepients are the families of the children in our Kidseum After School Program, all of whom are Santa Ana residents, as well as the seniors of our Anne's Treasures Program. As of August 20, over 23,000 meals have been delivered to these families, Hoag Hospital, CHOC and more. The Museum is now on a steady course to deliver 1,000 more every week.

Those interested in purchasing meals for local healthcare providers or receiving meals for their healthcare staff should contact Cherie Yuen directly at; 714.567.3623 I C 808.852.9027.