Ancient Arts of China: A 5000 Year Legacy - Temporarily Closed


Temporary Exhibition Closure

Ancient Arts of China is temporarily closed while the Bowers proudly hosts Treasures in Gold & Jade: Masterworks from Taiwan, now open through September 5, 2021 in our East West Bank Gallery.

Curated by scholars of Chinese history and culture from the Shanghai Museum, this incredible collection portrays the evolution of Chinese art and culture.

Journey back through 5000 years of Chinese history and follow the efflorescence of arts throughout one of the world's oldest living civilizations. From large painted ceramic pots used during the Neolithic period, to sculptures of camels and horses made at the height of the Silk Road, to beautiful embroidered silk court robes and ivory carvings from the 19th century, this exhibition presents the importance of fine art made to be admired during life and depended on in the afterlife.