Past Exhibitions

Japanese Masterpieces from the Price Collection

June 18, 2011 - July 17, 2011

The Bowers Museum welcomes Japanese Masterpieces from the Price Collection, showcasing some of the very best screen and scroll painters of Edo Period Japan. Like no others these master artists produced stunning images meant to be contemplated and enjoyed.

During the Edo Period (18th century) the great Japanese urban centers of Tokyo and Kyoto experienced a cultural efflorescence that lead to significant developments in art and aesthetics. The great artists of the time were rigorously trained and disciplined in their skills, leading to an unrivaled level of talent, ability, and accomplished pride. The paintings of Nagasawa Rosetsu, Maruyama Okyo, Mori Sosen, Suzuki Kiitsu and others included in this exhibition exemplify the exuberance and expression of Edo Period art. Their captivating imagery includes lovely courtesans in flowing fabrics, ferocious tigers, and serene images of nature among other subjects.


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