Mythology in Miniature: Statuettes from Ancient Egypt

Figure of an Ibis, 26th to 30th dynasty, (664-341 BCE)EgyptBronze, gold leaf, and wood; 15 in.2002.8.6Gift of Mrs. Ramona Ward Downsizing While ancient Egypt might be best known for its monumental architecture and sculptures—the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, Abu Simbel, Karnak—the vast majority of Egyptian sculpture was much smaller in scale. ...

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Hidden Visage: An Egyptian Mummy Cartonnage

Mummy Mask, 332 BCE-330 CE (late Ptolemaic to early Roman period)probably Faiyum Governorate, Egypt Linen, plaster, gold leaf and pigment; 15 × 12 3/4 × 10 1/2 in.2003.38.1Gift of Ramona Ward Trading Faces The earliest Egyptians to enjoy the ornate decorations and elaborate funerary rites of being mummified were royalty. It was believed that they a...

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The Tooth Tech’s Tiny Tut

Tut Replica, c. 1930Unknown PhotographerPhotographic print99.27.4Gift of Ms. Katherine Hotchkiss Little Mysteries Having been a collecting institution for almost the past 80 years, the Bowers Museum’s collections are, in some cases, rather eclectic. Whether it’s a wreath made from Victorian-era hair art, a Polynesian breadfruit pounder discovered i...

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