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Mrs. Ada E. Bowers and her Memorial Fountain

Ada E. Bowers Memorial Fountain c. 1980 Mrs. Ada Elvira Bowers c. 1915 Ada E. Bowers Memorial Fountain, 2009

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Eighty years ago this week, Mrs. Ada Bowers passed away and left both the city of Santa Ana and Orange County with a wonderful gift. It was Ada’s death on February 28, 1931 that allowed the building of the Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum to commence. The couple had decided that upon their deaths, their home would be conveyed to the City of Santa Ana with the condition that the city would, within one year of the death of the surviving member of the couple, begin to construct the Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum. It is undoubtedly true that so many years later, Orange County residents and certainly people from all over the world are more than grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Bowers for their generous bequest.

Born Ada Elvira Abbot from Perry, Illinois, Mrs. Ada Bowers enjoyed a quiet life with her husband. While Mr. Bowers’ name is very closely associated with the museum, Mrs. Bowers’ mark on the museum is also apparent. Through a special trust created by Mr. and Mrs. Bowers, funds were set aside for a fountain to be built on the premises of the museum. The wonderful fountain that was created for the museum, known as the Ada E. Bowers Memorial Fountain, now greets visitors and also offers them not only beauty, but also California history.

The Bowers Museum has deep gratitude for Mrs. Ada E. Bowers. Her generosity has given so many individuals, past and present, the opportunity to experience history in a unique and memorable environment.

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Guest - Lumière on Saturday, 11 April 2020 13:45

It is a Wonderful museum. There is a Great memory, and there are engaging amusements, to be had there.

It is a Wonderful museum. There is a Great memory, and there are engaging amusements, to be had there.
Wednesday, 21 February 2024

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